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We operate and outreach & partnering work to cater for our non-muslim neighbours and friends, in partnership with the Muslim Council of Britain. We have successfully completed two open mosque weekends which is a national event run all over UK during a specific weekend where non-muslim neighbour and friends are encouraged to visit their local mosque / islamiccentres. We have also started to offer local schools visits to RIC when they are covering the subject of Islam in school.

Tafseer in Bangla

Assalaamu alaikum 

Redbridge Islamic Centre Presents:

"Tafseer in Bangla" for men.

Delivered by our RIC Imaam Mubarakullah


Gants Hill Masjid 28-28A IG2 6XG

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Redbridge Youth Circle

Redbridge Youth Circle:


179 Eastern Avenue, Ilford, IG4 5AW

Ages: 14+

Activities, Naseeha, Food & More


Fun sessions for males only of all ages

Every friday 6pm to 8pm

Children to be dropped off in person and collected in person 

Contact: Zakariyya 07774 138849

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Saturdays 11am -12.30pm

Boys aged 11-16

Contact: 07917 104685

£20 a month

Hifz Classes

Assalamu alaikum. 

These are the application forms for Madrassa programmes from August/September start inshaAllah. 



Monday to Wednesday Madrassa


Thursday and Friday Madrassa


Summer Madrassa


Sanatayn Course

Saturday Islamic School

Good Food Project

The project aims to distribute a ready cooked, pre-packed meal with a bottle of water and a piece of fruit to the hungry and needy, from outside Gants Hill Masjid gates once a month initially. Our launch for this project was 3rd December 2016. Approximately 50 packages of food are distributed to the homeless and needy at each hand out. The project has extended to handing out warm clothes in winter and other household items specifically sought by the local needy. It also now includes giving a small donation each month to some needy families in the area that have come forward to the project leads for additional support needed for their families.

Laying the Roots of Islam

new monthly class and support group for converts / 'reverts'; those new or returning to Islam; and those exploring faith and spirituality, and who may be interested in Islam.

Class Instructor: Dr Abu Sahla

Every third Saturday of the month

Saturday 4th November 2023 at 3pm

Location: Redbridge Islamic Centre

Redbridge Masjid

179 Eastern Avenue

Ilford, IG4 5AW

(Please note, currently, classes will be for men only. And we hope to start a women's group soon inshaa Allaah)

For further information, please contact 07984 643 231

Imam An-Nawawi's famous work: "RIYADH-US-SALIHEEN"

Assalaamu alaikum everyone 

RIC is very excited to announce a brand new course beginning on the 6th  of February 2024

Imam An-Nawawi's famous work: "RIYADH-US-SALIHEEN"

Speaker: Imaam Abu Faatimah Mus'ab (Graduate of Madeenah University) 

One of the most widely known & read books of Hadeeth all over the world, Practical and accessible to Muslims of all levels.

Come and enjoy these amazing lessons from our RIC Imam Abu Faatimah Mus'ab, who completed the 40 Hadeeth classes recently. 

We pray Allaah blesses us all, Aameen yaa Rabb 

RIC GANTS HILL SITE 28 Woodford Avenue IG2 6XG 

Every Tuesday after Isha (begins on Tuesday 6th February 2024)

(Brothers & Sisters welcome) 


Saturday Family Halaqah - Spiritual Preparations for Ramadan

Saturday Family Halaqah - Ramdan Series:

Spiritual Preparations for Ramadan

Saturday 10th February 2024

Redbridge Masjid, 179 Eastern Avenue, IG4 5AW

After Isha prayers (7.30pm)


RIC Presents:


Take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life and join us for an evening of relaxation and camaraderie. Enjoy games, food, tea/coffee, and more in the company of mature brothers. It’s the perfect opportunity to unwind, reflect, and connect.

This event is exclusively for brothers aged 25 years and over on a monthly basis. 

Date: 1st March 2024

Time: 8:00pm - 10:00pm

Venue: Redbridge Masjid 179 Eastern Avenue 

Age: 25 Years & over

Hosted by Imaam Mus'ab & Abu 'Ubaydah

To stay updated, join our WhatsApp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/G4XaA13Eb2j0nPDl6XKpty

Fajr Challenge

Shabab of Fajr will be ending on March 2nd 2024 to do the prizes. We will be resuming again on 21st September 2024. Therefore, there will be a 6 month gap.

Last few sessions till than 

17 - 18 February 2024 - Breakfast and Attendance will also be marked

19 - 23 February 2024 - Attendance will be marked

24 - 25 February 2024 - Breakfast and Attendance will also be marked

2 March 2024 - Last session - Prize Ceromony

In sha Allah

This weekend I will be going through the 6 conditions of fasting in preparation for Ramadan.

Managing A Healthy Diet in Ramadan

British Islamic Medical Association presents: Managing A Healthy Diet in Ramadan 

Speaker: Dr. Mohammed Khanji

Sunday, 3rd March 2024

After Maghrib (start time 6pm, duration 1 hour)

Redbridge Islamic Centre

Redbridge Masjid

179, Eastern Avenue, IG4 5AW