We will be holding two Jummah Jamaat at each site (Redbridge and Gants Hill). The timings are:
• 1st Jamaat – Khutbah at 1.25pm
• 2nd Jamaat – Khutbah at 2.00pm
Those praying the first jamaat should leave immediately after faradh, whilst those queuing outside should socially distance.

Please continue to follow government/RIC guidelines to ensure infection rates do not rise again, that includes:

  • NOT attending the mosque if you or anyone in your household has Covid-19 symptoms
  • Wearing a mask covering your mouth and nose AT ALL TIMES inside the mosque
  • Bringing your own prayer mat
  • Bringing your own shoe bag and keeping shoes with you
  • Attending with wudhu, wudhu facilities remain closed
  • Socially distancing at all times inside and outside the mosque
  • NOT shaking hands and hugging others
  • NOT congregating outside the mosque before or after salah
  • Being respectful of volunteers and their instructions at all times


  • Due to Covid-19 we will be restricted in the use of fans and air conditioning so please bear with us
  • We will of course open the maximum number of windows and doors

JazakAllah khair for your duas and cooperation.

RIC Committee