Good Food Project

The project aims to distribute a ready cooked, pre-packed meal with a bottle of water and a piece of fruit to the hungry and needy, from outside Gants Hill Masjid gates once a month initially. Our launch for this project was 3rd December 2016. Approximately 50 packages of food are distributed to the homeless and needy at each hand out.

This initiative was well received by the Musallis as well as the numerous benefactors. We now have partnered with Tesco and they provide us with tinned food which we add to our distribution which we now run twice a month, once outside Gants Hill Masjid and once in Ilford town centre.

The project has extended to handing out warm clothes in winter and other household items specifically sought by the local needy. It also now includes giving a small donation each month to some needy families in the area that have come forward to the project leads for additional support needed for their families. 

More recently it has been involved in signposting the local homeless and needy to other useful projects such as local food banks, social services agencies and charities involved in supporting the needy for a wide range of things that the GoodFood project is not itself equipped to deliver support on.

The programme team’s message is “we are always on the look out to see how else we may be able to help and support our local needy neighbours, visitors and families regardless of who they are and what their backgrounds is – so please get in touch if you want to help, donate or have an idea you want to share”

Testimonial from a regular beneficiary

“My family and my small children have been helped for the last 2 years with the Good Food project run by your mosque. Your kindness on donations of clothes and food once a month, and going to Tesco to get the surplus food every week, has helped us to survive basically. 

We have been really having a hard time and if we didn’t have this help we would have practically not been able to feed the children adequately. I don’t really care about myself eating but I do want the children to eat fruit and vegetables we sometimes can’t afford to buy. Anyway your hard work in this charity will count in Gods eyes you’ll have both put in so much time effort and care and we really are so grateful to you both, God bless you both. I am praying for you both.”

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