Welcome Message

RIC started its life in 1999 by performing Jummah prayers in local churches. We later acquired two shop units in Woodford Avenue and established Gants Hill Masjid. Due to the demand for more space and services the congregation managed to donate sufficient funds to purchase the flats upstairs to the Masjid in 2008 and more recently in 2009 we acquired the adjacent flat which now provides accommodation for the Imams and allows more classes for the local Muslim community.

The Redbridge Masjid was bought in 2003 and works were carried out to it in 2006 to create the rear hall by dismantling the smaller rooms and toilets and after a long struggle with the local authority and objectioners, alhamdullilah we received planning permission for the side extension.

The works to the side extension started in 2008 but due to a structural fault the completion works were delayed until August 2009. Additional refurbishment work were added to the plans and included, new ceilings, sky light windows, insulation and an acoustic system.

The achievements have been possible by the grace and mercy of Allah and due to the kind and generous contributions of the congregation and their families.