We will be holding two Jummah Jamaat at each site (Redbridge and Gants Hill). The timings are:
• 1st Jamaat – Khutbah at 1.25pm
• 2nd Jamaat – Khutbah at 2.00pm
Those praying the first jamaat should leave immediately after faradh, whilst those queuing outside should socially distance. Please continue to follow government/RIC guidelines.


Asalaam-u-alaikum wa rahmatullah brothers,

Alhamdulillah and inshAllah we plan to hold congregational Taraweeh prayers in both RIC masjids (Gants Hill and Redbridge) in Ramadan this year. However, to ensure the health and safety of our musallis we will have special plans in place.

Taraweeh Prayers

  • We will aim to complete Isha, Taraweeh and Witr prayers within 45 minutes
  • Therefore, Taraweeh salah will comprise of 8 rakah
  • We will not be completing Quran (khatam)


  • There will no Iftar facilities in the mosque this year, so you can bring your own dates / water (disposing of rubbish yourself), however we encourage you to break your fast at home


  • Due to Covid-19 we will be restricted in the use of fans and air conditioning so please bear with us
  • We will of course open the maximum number of windows and doors

Please note that when the masjid is full, we will close the doors. If you did not manage to get inside please do not congregate outside and kindly read your Taraweeh prayers at home instead.

Please continue to follow government/RIC guidelines to ensure infection rates do not rise again, that includes:

  • NOT attending the mosque if you or anyone in your household has Covid-19 symptoms
  • Wearing a mask covering your mouth and nose AT ALL TIMES inside the mosque
  • Bringing your own prayer mat
  • Bringing your own shoe bag and keeping shoes with you
  • Attending with wudhu, wudhu facilities remain closed
  • Socially distancing at all times inside and outside the mosque
  • NOT shaking hands and hugging others
  • NOT congregating outside the mosque before or after salah
  • Being respectful of volunteers and their instructions at all times

Please gain extra reward this Ramadan by donating generously to YOUR mosque at this link  

May Allah swt accept the prayers, fasting, charity and good deeds of the entire Ummah this Ramadan and help those most in need. Ameen.

JazakAllah khair for your duas and cooperation.

RIC Committee